aomidori biocontrol

Agriotes lineatus

Trampeo de coleópteros
Pheromone for the lined click beetle. Agriotes lineatus
Aggregation pheromone diffuser for monitoring and mass trapping (population control).
Geranyl octanoate
Vapor diffuser - VP
- Attracts both males and females.
- Suitable for monitoring and mass trapping.
- Large capacity and long duration in the field.
- Long distance attraction.
- Effective to reduce and control populations.
Compatible with integrated and organic production
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Affected crops:
Polyphagous, it feeds on numerous agricultural crops (corn, cereals, tomatoes, sunflowers...) with a preference for tubers, especially potatoes, carrots, beets.
Recommended traps:
Pitfail type Trap
Bucket trap
Monitoring: 1 trap for 3-4 ha Mass trapping: 4-6 traps/ha in squares separated about 50 meters . When the palm trees are aligned, install 1 trap every 50 m.
When to use:
Install 1-2 weeks before the start of the crop. Maintain throughout the crop until after harvest.
Countryside duration:
3-4 months depending on environmental conditions
Security term:
Does not apply.
Other indications:
Heat-sealed aluminium envelopes.
1/10/20 units/sachet
Control integrado de plagas
Integrated pest control
Apto para agricultura ecológica
Suitable for organic farming
Trampa tipo Bucket
Bucket Trap
Trampa pitfall para picudos
Pitfall Trap
Conservar en nevera
Store in refrigerator