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Prays citri

Confusión sexual
Reference: PRSP2000VDA1
Control by matting disruption of the citrus flower moth Prays citri
Diffusers of the specific pheromone of Prays sp. for the control of the pest using the mating disruption technique
It significantly reduces flower damage and increases crop yield.
Z-7-Tetradecenal 711 g/L (81% p/p)
Vapor diffuser -
- Large reservoir and airtight closure.
- Controlled diffusion rate
- Easy and quick installation.
- A single installation for the control of the two annual flowerings in lemon.
- It is specific: it does not affect useful fauna.
- Efficacy equal to or greater than treatment with conventional insecticides.
- Cumulative effect over time.
- It is non-toxic, leaves no residue and does not generate resistance.
Compatible with integrated and organic production
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Affected crops:
Mainly lemon, and can also affect grapefruit, tangerine and orange.
Recommended traps:
Not applicable in this application.
100 to 200 diffusers/ha depending on the size of the plot and pest pressure.
When to use:
Install before the first flowering and appearance of the first adults. In general, it is installed from mid-March to early April, and may vary depending on the variety of the lemon tree.
Keep the diffusers until after harvesting. They can remain in the field until replaced.
Countryside duration:
6-7 months depending on recorded temperatures
Security term:
Does not apply
Other indications:
Install 2 delta traps inside the plot with the Prays citri monitoring pheromone, in order to verify the effectiveness of mating disruption.
The capture of adults in control traps may indicate the need for additional treatments.
Heat-sealed aluminum bags.
100 units per bag.
Store in the freezer in its original packaging until installation.
Feromona para confusión sexual
Mating Disruption
Control integrado de plagas
Integrated pest control
Apto para agricultura ecológica
Suitable for organic farming
Conservar en congelador
Store in freezer
Certified product