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Ceratitis capitata

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Reference: CECA12V3TDELC
Mass trapping system for the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata.
Set of TRAP + INSECTICIDE + ATTRACTANT for the capture and control of Ceratitis capitata.
Keeps the fly population below acceptable damage thresholds.
Reduces damage from bites and fruit drop.
Lambda-cyhalothrin 7.5 mg/u.
Trap + insecticide + attractant
- Specific attractant mainly for females.
- Flycatcher with a high capture capacity.
- Easy and quick installation.
- Proven effectiveness in mass capture to reduce and control populations.
- Long duration: a single diffuser per trap and campaign.
- Maintenance free.
- Zero residue
Compatible with integrated and organic production
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Affected crops:
Citrus fruits, stone fruits such as peaches, nectarines, plums, figs, etc. and other fruits.
Recommended traps:
Demitrap type fly trap (included in the system).
Recommended densities according to type of crop:
- Citrus: 40-80 traps/ha
- Other authorized fruit trees: 50-80 traps/ha
When to use:
Install, depending on the type of crop, about 45 days before the fruit ripens.
Keep traps until after collection. They can remain installed until replaced.
Countryside duration:
4-5 months depending on environmental conditions
Security term:
Does not apply
Other indications:
Install the traps at mid-height on the tree, preferably on the east or south face, and a little inside, avoiding direct exposure to the sun.
Do not open or drill the diffusers.
- Assembled systems: 20 units/box.
- Disassembled systems: please, ask.
Mosquero para captura masiva
Fly Trap
Control integrado de plagas
Integrated pest control
Apto para agricultura ecológica
Suitable for organic farming
Certified product
Certified product